Bringing Your Play to the Next Level

For many table tennis players, the feeling that they may have reached their peak level of play is not uncommon. This is usually when the players that you can beat, and that can beat you stay the same for an extended period of time.

Or what’s worse is that players you used to beat are now beating you. While you may feel you are getting worse, you most likely have reached a plateau.

Players often respond by changing rackets, blades and/or rubbers. Which unless they have a particularly poor racket or old rubbers does not get them to the next level.

Some players increase their practice time, however simply playing more will rarely get you to the next level. That is because in most cases, you need to change your strokes, footwork, or game/match strategy. It is also necessary to change muscle memory.

The following suggestions for getting to the next level are based on our experience and observations.

Find a coach who can analyze your play, and create a player improvement plan tailored to your needs.

Build drills into your practice sessions that your coach recommends.

Seek out playing partners a level or two above you. A good way to do this is joining a league.

Be more fearless in your play, you may lose more at first, but as the old saying goes it is not whether you win or lose, but how your play the game

We look forward to seeing you at the next Level!