North Shore Seniors League Season 7 Round 1 Standings

League Team Standings after one round of three (Nov 11/21)

1Nature’s Best8532
4Dream Team5505

Current Standings for the top 10 out of 22 leagues players

1Mazen KhoudeirDream Team 78
2David Clark-WilsonNature’s Best 712
3Deanna KastaWARRIORS 68
4Paul EdwardsWARRIORS 68
5Chris SayourWARRIORS 68
6Moe Haj JafariPARS 69
7Peter IsherwoodOLD DOGS 56
8John MclennanOLD DOGS  47
9Rosstam BastaniPARS   36
10Heidi JugryensNature’s Best  38

2 thoughts on “North Shore Seniors League Season 7 Round 1 Standings”

  1. old dogs secret weapon is unleashed for next section.
    Arn to the rescue. Brought to life by modern technology and imbued with super human strength.
    Beware mere mortals…..
    I will observe from thr golf course and 80 degree temps.

    1. You must be the Old Dog’s temporarily unavailable not so secret weapon. Although some of us mere mortals are a mite bit jealous of your Golf & Sunshine Holiday, we look forward to your return. Meanwhile, we will play that much better knowing you will be observing from the 19th hole.

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