BC 55+ Games Zone 4 “Step Up Your Game” Table Tennis Clinics

When: Saturday, May13, 2023

Where: North Shore Table Tennis Club – 1555 Forbes Ave, North Vancouver

Registration: Free for members of the BC Games Society (annual fee $20)

Pre-registration is required. Contact Mike Dumler at: mike@mdumler.ca or 604-340-6774 for Games Society Membership form, and to pre-register for either or both clinics. 

Clinic 1 for Recreational  & intermediate Players –

10:00 – 11:00am Check-in, introduction to the BC 55+Games, and warm-up

11:00 – 1:00pm The Stance, Correct Techniques, Proper Grip, the Footwork and Drills to improve faster at Table Tennis as outlined below.

The GRIP Learning the correct way to hold the racket is essential. The correct grip allows you to develop your strokes using the correct technique

THE STANCE. The quickest way to tell the difference between a beginner and an expert Table Tennis player is how they stand. You will learn the correct position to every stroke.

Correct Techniques Every technique has starting and finishing position. Learn it so you can use it in game situations more easily

SWITCHING between Forehand (FH) and Backhand (BH) drills. Does your grip allow you to switch easily between FH and BH. Practising and right training drills will teach you recover easily between FH and BH

SHUFFLE Footwork – training drills to improve your footwork so you can make good position for every stroke. This is essential for developing your game.

Clinic 2 for Competitive intermediate & Advanced Players

1:00 – 2:00pm Check-in, introduction to the BC 55+Games,  and warm-up

2:00 – 4:00pm Pre-match Routine, Serves, Receiving Serves, Spin secrets as outlined below

PRE-MATCH ROUTINE. Proper warm-up & stretching to avoid injury, start with a clean racket & check the rubbers on opponents’ racket as they may have PIPS which produces flat and dead ball returns.

HOW TO SERVE and WHAT TO SERVE. This class will give you simple pointers that make it easy for you to start SERVING to WIN the point, and avoid serves which are easy to attack.

SERVING How much % of Serves in Table Tennis should be short vs long serves? What spin to put on short vs long serves? Beginning – Position – Backswing – Contact point and Follow- Through

RECEIVING AND RETURNING SERVES and UNDERSTANDING SPINS. Understanding spins is the key to learning how to receive all types of serves properly. Learning to identify different types spins by effect.





Coaching by and under the direction of Luba Sadovska, ITTF PTT Level 1 Certified Intro into Competition Base/Advanced Coach Competition Development Coach TTCAN Master Coach Developer, Learning Facilitator and Coach Evaluator.

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport”, and the BC Games Society through the 50/50 draw.

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