Senior’s Summer Challenge Ladder

If you have never participated in a ladder tournament, here is your chance.

On-line registration is now available for the North Shore Table Tennis Club & Society’s Senior’s Summer Challenge Ladder. Matches to begin on Monday July 24, and conclude on Wednesday August 30. Matches to be played at mutually agreed days/times either during the Monday & Wednesday Seniors Session, or during any other times the club is open

Since R2 Sports makes the Challenge Ladder software available at no charge, the only cost to participate is the usual drop-in fee when you play your challenge matches. That fee is $10 for Society Members, and $15 for non-members. 

For full details, and to register go to the Challenge Ladder Website:

What is a ladder tournament?

A ladder (or pyramid) tournament is an open competition where members play matches against each other and move up and down in the ranking as they win or lose.

Members of the tournament are listed as if on the bricks of a pyramid. The pinnacle is the highest ranked member. Immediately underneath, lie the second and the third members, and so on. Members of the tournament can challenge higher ranked opponents. If the challenger upsets the higher seeded player, the challenger moves up and takes the spot of the defeated player (that loses one position).