League play is good for improving match play skills, testing your Table Tennis skills against a variety of other players, and also a great way to make new friends.

October 20. 2021 at NSTTC

North Shore Seniors League Season 11

Start Date: Wednesday February 1 – End Date: April 5 (10 weeks/ 2 rounds)

League co-chairs: Mike Dumler & Luba Sadovska. League Committee members Arn Coleman, David Clark-Wilson & Paul Edwards.

Entry Fee $25 per player:  Deadline: January 23 . Match Day fees $10 members, for non-members $15. North Shore Table Tennis Society. Annual Membership fees: Non-Voting Annual $50.00, Voting Annual $75.00. Membership can be renewed online http://nsttc.ca/become-a-society-member

Host Venue:  Navy League Hall, 1555 Forbes ave, North Vancouver, BC

Match Time:  All matches will start at each Wednesday at 11:00 am – Warm-Up: Begins at 10:30 am.

Schedule:  Will be prepared and posted/distributed prior to the start of the league.

League Format and Rules

  • 3 player formats with each player playing 2 matches unless 3rd player unavailable, then each player plays 3 matches. All teams to use best efforts to field 3 player teams each week.
  • Handicap system 4 levels with 2 points for each level difference for a maximum of 6 points, except for doubles where the maximum shall be 4 points.
  • Ratings for Season 11 will be based on season 10 statistics subject to league committee approval.
  • Teams to be determined by Captain’s drafts
  • Added Players without league committee approved ratings may be assigned a temporary rating until they have an approved rating.
  • Teams will play best 3 out of 5 games to 11 rally points (win by two points).
  • The team that wins 3 of the 5 matches shall win the team match, however all game matches should be played as ranking will be based on points for each game match won.
  • League Spare provision- Teams needing a spare to avoid defaulting (is unable to field at least 2 players) should contact the Spare coordinator (Arn) in advance of Match Day. He will contact the league spare to see if he is available, if not we will do our best to arrange for a player from another team who is not needed to avoid defaulting. Matches may also be rescheduled by mutual agreement of Captains.
  • Where a team with a para-player is only able to field 2 players, and one is a para-player, a modified doubles match format shall be used. This is where one player plays to five points and then the second players continue to the end of the game. The doubles handicap maximum of 4 points shall apply.
  1. Rules are based on International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) rules.
  2. Non-white clothing to be worn during matches. 
  3. Appropriate footwear-court shoes with non-marking soles
  4. Players may be required to umpire their own matches

Note: Per league rules,  2 points are credited for a win, 1 point for a loss and 0 points for a default.

You can follow teams and see season 11 match results and stats by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page once it is updated.

For more information about this league contact Mike Dumler: mike@mdumler.ca / 604-340-6774, or Luba Sadovska: info@nsttc.ca / 604 209-7037.

NSSL Season 10 Web Site : : https://tinyurl.com/NSSL-Season-10

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