Marta Nykl 1935- 2023

A multiple medal winner at Seniors’ and Veterans Games’, Marta was so very well known, and loved within the Table Tennis Community, and she will be missed by so many of us.

We sadly learned of her passing earlier today, and wish to extend our heartfelt condolences to her family & many friends.

The following was posted by the family on Instagram @  

“With family and friends in close attendance, Marta Marie Nykl, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, matron of the Nykl / Deckert clan in BC, passed away peacefully December 1st, after a stroke suffered while attending a czech theatre performance six days prior. She was two weeks shy of her 88th birthday. 

Words don’t convey the loss and heartbreak it is to lose our mom, particularly the kind of mom she was. There are many stories to share and we will be collecting them for a Memorial which will be held at a later date in the new year. There will be more words by then. 

For now, please hold her in your thoughts and raise to her a private toast and prayer. We will have a chance to do so collectively at a later date.” 

Dobrou noc, mami.

“Hope is the deep orientation of the human soul that can be held at the darkest times.”
   -Vaclav Havel

North Shore Seniors League (NSSL)

The North Shore Table Tennis Society and the North Shore Table Tennis Club are pleased to announce they are accepting entries for NSSL Season. 12.

Start Date: Wednesday September 27, 2023. End Date: November 29, 2023 (10 weeks/ 2 rounds). Entry Fee $30 per player:  Match Day fee $10 – Registration Deadline: Monday, September 18, 2023

Full Details & Entry form can be found on the League’s page

BC 55+ Games Zone 4 “Step Up Your Game” Table Tennis Clinics

When: Saturday, May13, 2023

Where: North Shore Table Tennis Club – 1555 Forbes Ave, North Vancouver

Registration: Free for members of the BC Games Society (annual fee $20)

Pre-registration is required. Contact Mike Dumler at: or 604-340-6774 for Games Society Membership form, and to pre-register for either or both clinics. 

Clinic 1 for Recreational  & intermediate Players –

10:00 – 11:00am Check-in, introduction to the BC 55+Games, and warm-up

11:00 – 1:00pm The Stance, Correct Techniques, Proper Grip, the Footwork and Drills to improve faster at Table Tennis as outlined below.

The GRIP Learning the correct way to hold the racket is essential. The correct grip allows you to develop your strokes using the correct technique

THE STANCE. The quickest way to tell the difference between a beginner and an expert Table Tennis player is how they stand. You will learn the correct position to every stroke.

Correct Techniques Every technique has starting and finishing position. Learn it so you can use it in game situations more easily

SWITCHING between Forehand (FH) and Backhand (BH) drills. Does your grip allow you to switch easily between FH and BH. Practising and right training drills will teach you recover easily between FH and BH

SHUFFLE Footwork – training drills to improve your footwork so you can make good position for every stroke. This is essential for developing your game.

Clinic 2 for Competitive intermediate & Advanced Players

1:00 – 2:00pm Check-in, introduction to the BC 55+Games,  and warm-up

2:00 – 4:00pm Pre-match Routine, Serves, Receiving Serves, Spin secrets as outlined below

PRE-MATCH ROUTINE. Proper warm-up & stretching to avoid injury, start with a clean racket & check the rubbers on opponents’ racket as they may have PIPS which produces flat and dead ball returns.

HOW TO SERVE and WHAT TO SERVE. This class will give you simple pointers that make it easy for you to start SERVING to WIN the point, and avoid serves which are easy to attack.

SERVING How much % of Serves in Table Tennis should be short vs long serves? What spin to put on short vs long serves? Beginning – Position – Backswing – Contact point and Follow- Through

RECEIVING AND RETURNING SERVES and UNDERSTANDING SPINS. Understanding spins is the key to learning how to receive all types of serves properly. Learning to identify different types spins by effect.





Coaching by and under the direction of Luba Sadovska, ITTF PTT Level 1 Certified Intro into Competition Base/Advanced Coach Competition Development Coach TTCAN Master Coach Developer, Learning Facilitator and Coach Evaluator.

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport”, and the BC Games Society through the 50/50 draw.

2023 North Shore Open

(Non-Sanctioned 😊 Fun tournament)

2023 NORTH SHORE Open Link to Entry Form

Presented by: North Shore Table Tennis Club and Society

Date: SATURDAY Apr 29 and SUNDAY Apr 30, 2023
Venue location: 1555 FORBES AVE, North Vancouver 

Entry forms will not be processed unless accompanied by correct fees

Payments acceptable by cash, e-transfer to , cheque, CC# or dropped off at the NSTTC location
Tournament Directors: Pun Chu, Luba Sadovska, Mike Dumler

FORMAT – Events format best 2/3 or 3/5 games in R/R and K/O Main and Consolation draws (for Open Doubles only)


Name (please print):___________________________________  

Birth Date :____________________( YYYY/MM/DD)              PHONE:_____________________  Email: _________________________________


EventsEntry FeeDoubles partner name or other comments
9am RECREATIONAL Singles$30  
9am INTERMEDIATE Singles$30  
12pm OPEN Doubles$15each 
1:30pm SENIORS 50-70$30 
1:30pm SENIORS 70+$30 
3:30pm OPEN Singles$30 
SUNDAY April 30, 2023  
9am U-12 Kids Singles$30 
9am U-18 Youth Singles$30  
11am FunFAM Doubles$15each 
12pm PARKINSON’S+ Singles$20  
12pm PARA + Singles      $20  

I hereby agree to abide by all tournaments rules and all decisions of the Tournament Committee. I also agree to release The North Shore Table Tennis Club, and the Tournament Committee from responsibility for any loss, damages or injuries occurring in/during the Tournament.

Signature:__________________________   Date:____________________________

(Guardian signature if a minor)


It is the responsibility of the players to read the details of this entry form before submitting.

 *PLAYERS can enter any number of events not combining the same times

** FunFAM Doubles (This is Fun Family doubles event – Family paired players, grandparent-parents or parent-kid, siblings, uncles-aunts etc..) after initial games doubles will be divided into Consolation and Main draw)

*** PARKINSON’S Singles Category (very beginners to early risers anyone can join our 1st ever category for players with Parkinson’s, Dementia , Alzheimer’s or other neurological conditions)

**** PARA+ Singles Category (Standing and wheelchair disabilities will be combined in this 1st time ever event for players with physical and/or mental disability in our tournament)

TROPHIES and prizes will be awarded for the first, second and third places

Open to all players of all ages and playing levels and abilities and/or disabilities
The Tournament Committee may estimate the level of any unrated player and request that player move from one event to another more appropriate event. Events that have insufficient entries might be combined
Current ITTF Laws and Regulations will be effect.
All rackets must be one side black and one side legal colours with ITTF approved coverings.
Tie-breaks in round-robins will be decided by score of matches, games, points, only of those players involved in the tie.

Guide to Where to Play Table Tennis or Ping Pong in Metro Vancouver

If you are a casual or recreational Ping Pong player, or a more serious/ competitive Table Tennis player, there are lots of places to play in Metro Vancouver. To find the closest one to you, simply go to Ping Pong in Vancouver which has created the best Guide we have found on the web.

It also has tips for finding playing partners, and a public survey we think will also be of interest to players of all levels.

While at this site, we also recommend you check out their posts about outdoor Tables, and sign up for their Newsletter.

BC 55+ 2022 Victoria Games Zone 4 Lower Mainland Results

Thanks to the extended deadlines we had 20 participants and 6 supporters register for the 2022 Games. Unfortunately 2 participants had to withdraw, however the 18 who competed did zone 4 proud. 14 of us metalled in 22 events, and won 32 medals, 10 Gold, 14 Silver, and 8 Bronze. The remaining 4, while not winning medals, had some very competitive matches, with Deanna Kasta defeating the eventual gold medallist in Women 65 – 69 Singles – Competitive.

Contributing to our success was the Step-up your Game Clinics, and practice sessions sponsored by Zone 4, and hosted by the North Shore Table Tennis club. These and the coaching by Luba Sadovska were most appreciated by the participants.

2022 BC 55+ Victoria Senior Games Zone 4 Table Tennis Results

Gaskill Stephen                 Gold      1              Men 55-59 Singles- Competitive

Khoudeir Mazen              Silver     2              Men 55-59 Singles- Competitive

Agyeman Kingsley           Silver     2             Men 60 – 64 Singles- Competitive

Goldstein Laurent            Gold      1              Men 65 – 69 Singles- Competitive

Clark-Wilson David          Silver     2              Men 70 – 74 Singles- Competitive

McLennan John                 Gold      1              Men 75 – 79 Singles – Competitive            

Dumler Mike                      Bronze  3              Men 75 – 79 Singles – Competitive

Kim Won K.                         Gold      1              Men 80+ Singles – Competitive

Costello  Bob                       Silver     2              Men 80+ Singles – Recreational

Woo Wilhelmina               Silver     2              Women 75 – 79 Singles – Competitive

Yen Elaine                           Bronze  3              Women 75 – 79 Singles – Competitive

Nykl Marta                          Silver     2              Women 80+ Singles – Competitive

Clark-Wilson/Khoudeir  Gold      1              Men 55 – 59 Doubles – Competitive

Gaskill/Fung                       Bronze  3              Men 55 – 59 Doubles – Competitive

Agyeman/McLennan     Silver     2              Men 60 – 64 Doubles – Competitive

Dumler/Edwards              Bronze  3              Men 70 – 74 Doubles – Competitive

Kim/Costello                      Gold      1              Men 80+ Doubles – Competitive

Yen/Woo                             Bronze  3              Women 70 – 74 Doubles – Competitive

Juergens/Nykl                   Silver                     Women 70 – 74 Doubles Recreational

Woo/Dumler                 Gold      1              Men/Women 75 – 79 Mixed Doubles –

Yen/McLennan                 Silver     2              Men and Women 75 – 79 Mixed Doubles

Costello/Nykl                     Silver     2              Men and Women 80+ Mixed Doubles

Full results for all zones are available on the Games official website:

2021 CHRISTMAS Table Tennis Tournament Report

This was a Non-Sanctioned, Fun and Merry tournament presented by: North Shore Table Tennis Society in cooperation with the North Shore Table Tennis Club held on SATURDAY December 04, 2021 from 9am to 7pm at 1555 FORBES AVE, North Vancouver.

We had over 60 entries in 6 events, and extend our thanks to all of the players who participated. We also congratulate the winners who are listed below, and invite you to check out he Tournament website where you will find match details .

1Sammy Al-Himyary
2Arvan Abdolazimi
3Aden Al-Himyary
4Jacky Luan
1Borna Amjadi
2Harrison Belenkie
3Katelynn Chen
4Seyed Mehrad Azizikashi
1Hossein Ghazimoradi
2Mazen Khoudeir
3Sharookh Daroowala
4Grace Lisicka
1Yasser Abdolazimi
2Andrew Staehling
3Guy Macpherson
4Maurice Freikovh
1Hossein Ghazimoradi
2Sharookh Daroowala
3Grace Lisicka
4Sri Srinivas
1Arn Coleman
John Mclennan
2Paul Edwards
Chris Sayour
3Grace Lisicka
Sri Srinivas
4David Clark Wilson
Siamak Ebrahimi

North Shore Seniors League Season 7 Round 1 Standings

League Team Standings after one round of three (Nov 11/21)

1Nature’s Best8532
4Dream Team5505

Current Standings for the top 10 out of 22 leagues players

1Mazen KhoudeirDream Team 78
2David Clark-WilsonNature’s Best 712
3Deanna KastaWARRIORS 68
4Paul EdwardsWARRIORS 68
5Chris SayourWARRIORS 68
6Moe Haj JafariPARS 69
7Peter IsherwoodOLD DOGS 56
8John MclennanOLD DOGS  47
9Rosstam BastaniPARS   36
10Heidi JugryensNature’s Best  38

Playing Table Tennis by the Rules

At the North Shore Table Tennis Club players are encouraged to play by the official rules of Table Tennis as set by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). These are known as the “Laws of Table Tennis”, and found between page 34 and 41 of the ITTF Handbook: Since this handbook is over 200 pages, and covers topics like Regulations for International Competitions, and Directives for Match Officials at World Title Competitions, you may prefer to download the basic rules and regulations of Table Tennis posted on the clubs website .

For Club competitions (tournaments & Leagues) rules are mandatory. A reference copy of these rules is available at the club, and club coaches, and certified table tennis umpires welcome rule questions.

When playing a friendly match, and a coach or umpire is not immediately available to provide a ruling, players are encouraged to declare a disputed point a let and replay it.

This happened recently when a player could not reach a ball in play with racket in hand, so let go of their racket which then struck and successfully returned the ball. Their opponent failed to return the ball, but disputed the point. A let was declared and they replayed the point, and later an umpire was asked what the rule was. Being an uncommon question, the umpire looked up the answer in the rule book and determined the point to be lost as the racket was not held in hand when it struck the ball. Rule 2.5.7 “A player strikes the ball if he or she touches it in play with his or her racket, held in the hand, or with his or her racket hand below the wrist.”

Have a question about a rule, ask it in the comment section below, and if we post the answer to your question in our next Post, you will win a sleeve of Nittaku 40+ 3* Balls.

Paul Edwards – Certified Club Umpire & Scorekeeper – MEC 2017 Employee Tournament


Jason Wong is the winner of the Players Survey Draw for a $50 North Shore Table Tennis Club Gift Card, courtesy of the North Shore Table Tennis Society.  Thanks to all players who participated in this survey. Stay Tuned for future surveys

Please take the survey by following the link below. This will  help us better meet the needs of our members, and you will be entered in our draw for a $50 gift card towards Drop-ins, lessons, or Robot time. Draw to be held on Thursday, June 25 – 5:00pm at the Club on Forbes Street NV.

NOTE: PLAYERS SURVEY Closes at Noon on Thursday, June 25